Sir Edmund Shark

The most powerful Hybrid Single Skin - exceptional in performance and handling

The Sir Edmund Shark is Skyman's most powerful single skin.

Its new concept as a hybrid single skin with 20% double sail opens up new ways to make it a fully-fledged paraglider for more than just hike and fly! The Shark is perfect for thermalling and short cross-country flights:

In turbulent air and when thermaling, the partial double sail shows its strengths and gives the Shark the appearance of a normal paraglider compared to common singles skins. The Shark takes thermals very sensitive and can be turned in a very flat way!

The tube, ventilated by a Sharknose, allows the Sir Edmund Shark to glide very efficiently and powerful against the wind, both accelerated and unaccelerated - an amazing advantage when crossing valleys and on cross country tracks.

The Landing Boost System (LBS) increases the angle of attack of the entire canopy during the landing phase from 50% brake line position. This makes the Sir Edmund Shark very easy to flare and to land, just like a normal paraglider.

The Sir Edmund Shark is the perfect paraglider that combines the best of different worlds:

  • Easiest, single skin typical take-off behaviour
  • Handling and thermal characteristics that make a flight of several hours a pleasure
  • Very low weight and pack size
  • High performance potential for cross country flights
  • Enormous passive safety
  • Simple landing characteristics due to LBS

Light equipment extreme

packing method Sir Edmund Shark

Technical Data

Size 17 20 23
Cells 42 42 42
flat surface area m² 17 20 23
flat span m 9,84 10,67 11,44
flat aspect ratio 5,7 5,7 5,7
projected surface area m² 14,26 16,77 19,29
projected span m 7,7 8,35 8,95
projected aspect ratio 4,16 4,16 4,16
weight kg 1,9 2,2 2,5
take-off weight kg 60–85 70–100 90–119
recommended weight kg 65–85 80–100 95–119
Certified according to EN/LTF B EN/LTF B EN/LTF B

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