Markus Gründhammer

The creator of the Skyman paragliders

The SKYMAN Markus Gründhammer, known for his gorgeous nocturnal photography of starry skies at Stubai Valley, loves to go hiking and to explore nature - in order to take pictures of course, and most of all to go paragliding.

If one really likes to fly his paragliders at tough conditions, it takes gliders made for such purposes. If you additionally carry lots of photo equipment, you have to have a paragliding equipment, which is as light and sturdy as possible.

Thus Markus is not only the person, who develops our SKYMAN paragliders, but the warrantor for permanent enhancements and many new ideas for the development of light equipment.

That is how the brand SKYMAN was born.

Meanwhile many Skymen around Markus accompany him in order to test his gliders at different conditions and help our development to proceed continuously.