Material & manufacture

There is no saving with us

Lightweight paragliders usually have far less surface area than normal wings and are not certified or, if they are, it is in a higher classification.

At SKYMAN it´s different: we don´t skimp on materials nor on the certification.

The main reason, why SKYMAN gliders are so incredibly light and compact, with excellent handling and safety, is the combination of our 10D fabric and an advanced production process.

We use an 10D fabric with a special coating for more durability, that has been exclusively manufactured for us. The fabric weighs 25 g per m². This material enabled us to design the CrossAlps 24.5, which is certified with a weight range of 70 to 90 kg and weighs only 3.8 kg.

Precision and Quality

Top quality workmanship down to the smallest detail.

We don't just focus on high-grade material, of course, but also on precise manufacturing. You can clearly see this in the photographs below, which shows details of the CrossAlps and CrossCountry.

All SKYMAN wings use a specific mix of Kevlar and Dyneema lines and are designed with only three line levels. Thanks to specially designed geometry, it has been possible to reduce the total length of the lines for the CrossAlps 24.5 to only 257 m, without any losses in strength or performance.

Practical tip

Packing method

for all Sir Edmund gliders

Packing a Sir Edmund may be a bit unusual at first due to the material. Therefore SKYMAN Markus Gründhammer shows us in this video how to pack the glider quickly and easily.