Miniwing Speed

Miniwing with new, pioneering single skin technology

The Speed is our smallest, lightest and fastest Miniwing. It is a consequent development on the technology of the Sir Edmunds. Of course with the extremely light and robust D10 fabric.

Through reduced ballooning, despite larger cell widths, not only the weight but also the drag of the Speed were positively influenced. This made it possible to achieve the enormous trim speed of 44/45 km/h and excellent penetration against the wind.

How do you land such a fast Miniwing? That's the special feature of the Speed: it has a new Landing-Boost-System, which makes a landing as easy as with a conventional paraglider. Despite the fact that it is a Miniwing.

The Landing-Boost-System increases the angle of attack during the landing phase and allows the glider to flare to an unprecedented degree.

This system is such an outstanding improvement that it will also be used in other new SKYMAN products.

The SKYMAN Speed was tested by a load test according to EN 926-1.

Size 15 18
Cells 25 25
flat surface area m² 15,0 18,0
flat span m 9,08 9,94
flat aspect ratio 5,50 5,50
projected surface area m² 12,54 15,05
projected span m 7,11 7,78
projected aspect ratio 4,03 4,03
weight kg 1.2 1.3
take-off weight kg 50 – 100 kg 60 – 110 kg
certified according to load test EN 926-1 load test EN 926-1

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