Special advantages in terms of comfort and convenience, but also in terms of certification: the Tanga is probably the only "light harness" (only 435 g) on the market for a LTF/EN clip in weight of 120 kg.

The Tanga is a harness with leg loops, without a seatboard, that offers high comfort and durability with optimally used materials. For the first time, we use a high-strength and durable Cordura fabric developed for SKYMAN. This fabric, structurally reinforced with Dyneema, enables optimal load distribution and support between the supporting straps.

This distribution of forces has a significant positive effect on the fit and comfort of the Tanga harness.

Special development for ease of use: The Tanga harness can be perfectly and easily adjusted to the pilot with the high-quality Edelrid adjustment buckles, both by means of the seat angle and the length of the shoulder straps. The chest strap is closed as a get-up system via the main carabiners. This eliminates the hassle of getting into the harness and the seat does not come into contact with the shoes.

Size M L
Body height cm 155–180 175–195
max. load kg 120 120
harness weight kg 0,435 0,5
suspension height cm 48 48
certification EN1651
LTF 91/09
LTF 91/09


LTF/EN certification up to 120 kg
Available in 2 sizes: M up to approx. 180 cm / L up to 195 cm
Weight: only 435 g incl. carabiner
Recco reflector
High comfort
Long life due to structure-reinforcing Dyneema fabric
Adjustable seat position
Integrated accelerator pulleys
Smallest pack size
Get-Up leg loop closure - no need to climb into the harness
Available in 2 colour options
Optional airbag

Live your adventure

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