Typical skyman

The man behind the brand

Why do we build light paragliders and accessories?

The SKYMAN Markus Gründhammer, like many other paragliding pilots, enjoys nature and as he already has enough baggage to carry with all his camera stuff, he at some point was fed up with carrying heavy paragliding equipment. Since that day he dedicated himself to the development of light equipment. And the brand SKYMAN was born.

Meanwhile he receives lots of support by test pilots like Johannes Tschofen, by our designer Anupa I. Chardraratne and many other Skymen.

Live your adventure!

If I only had less stuff to carry ...

– that was yesterday.
You can walk to launch sites, which seemed to be out of reach. Travelling just got so much easier and you needn‘t care anymore, if the cable car once again is closed, even though it is brilliant paragliding weather out there. Light baggage makes it so much easier for you to go beyond yesterday’s limits and enjoy the beauty of nature on your way up. There is so much to discover. That’s exactly what SKYMAN equipment is made for.

SKYMAN paragliders

discover new paths

The SKYMAN-Team successfully attends competitions and our test pilots put wings, harnesses and reserves to acid tests. We use their experience to continuously refine our developments. You can clearly see that, when looking closely at the many useful extras in our equipment! SKYMAN equipment is not only very light. We focus on latest high-grade material, which additionally is extremely sturdy.

Harness all light

for cross-country pilots, tandem pilots and hike & fly trailers ...


Lightweight paragliders

Lightweight paragliders and single skins from SKYMAN hardly weigh ...


Material & Processing

Lightweight and safe gliders thanks to a sophisticated production process and targeted material selection ...


Rescue parachutes

The SKYMAN lightweight construction is also available for rescue parachutes ...



A useful addition for those who like to do without heavy luggage ...