Tandem harness Pilot Alpin

The Pilot Alpin is designed for tandem paraglider pilots ranging from 160 to 195 cm in height. It is very light, yet comfortable because the design of the webbing gives a lot of space to move about in, and the elevated seating position gives the pilot an unobstructed view past the passenger. The deployment handle is placed in an ergonomic position.

Pilot Alpin comes with a Y-bridle (210 cm) and one selectable protector Connect Pro or Connect Air. Connect Air is an airbag protector that weighs only 390 g. The Connect Pro, which weighs 890 g, has a very sturdy, replaceable underside. Both protectors are suitable for use with the Hike harness (2019 model onwards).

Size UNI
max. load kg 120
harness weight kg 1,8
weight Connect Air g 390
suspension height cm 38
certification EN1651
with protector certified acc. to EN1651 & LTF 91/09


Very comfortable

Very small packed volume

Individual adjustments for seating position

Integrated reserve container; deployment handle can be mounted on thr right side of the harness

Incl. Y-bridle (210 cm) and Connect Air or Connect Pro

Pilot Alpin – Downloads