We take lightweight to the max!

SKYMAN paragliders are certified in classes A to C

Usually lightweight paragliders have far less surface area and are not certified, respectively are certified in a high class.

With Sir Edmund 31 PRO respectively LIGHT, we offer tandem pilots two extremely light high-performance wings.

Sir Edmund RACE is an absolutely unique single skin. The two mini wings Blizzard (paraglider) and Running Edmund (single skin) are fast gliders for alpine adventures as well as competitions.

Furio is a light speed-rider with a particularly high speed range for great snow slopes, thus the only glider without certification in our product range. It is suitable for very experienced pilots.

Free your mind in nature

like Markus Gründhammer, father of the paragliders

Sometime under the stars on a dark night, I realized that I had found my dreams long ago.