Sir Edmund RACE

A unique single-skin with unbelievable performance!

When we made the Sir Edmund RACE, we designed a single-skin with enormous potential, which fully displays especially in thermals and turbulences. Owing to its currently unique aspect ratio of 6.01, this wing is the most efficient single-skin in the world.

In particular, its performance when gliding into wind has been considerably enhanced. Along with its unrivalled climb rate, this makes the Sir Edmund RACE stand out from the crowd!

This glider’s launch behaviour is fairly typical of that of a single-skin wing. It is pretty easy, whilst at the same time, its handling is close to that of a normal paraglider.

The Sir Edmund RACE’s unique characteristics are due to an elaborate design involving completely new diagonal braces. Compared to the normal Sir Edmund, they clearly increase the stability of the canopy. Despite having an elevated aspect ratio, they reduce the total line length by 20%, thus also decreasing the drag.

The Sir Edmund RACE’s fantastic design means that the wing weighs only 1.89kg – putting it in a class of its own! It is classified LTF/EN B.

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Technische Daten

Size 17 20
Cells 42 42
flat surface area m² 17 20
flat span m 10,09 10,59
flat aspect ratio 6,01 6,01
projected surface area m² 14,24 16,76
projected span m 7,90 8,57
projected aspect ratio 4,38 4,38
weight kg 1.75 1.89
take-off weight kg 60-85 70-100
Certified according to EN/LTF B EN/LTF B

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