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Extremely light equipment

A complete paragliding equipment, so light and dense that it would fit in a handbag. With single-skin "Sir Edmund" a completely new world opens up - you can take such an equipment with you everywhere you go!

Single-skin Sir Edmund 20 weighs only 1.58 kg, harness String weighs 350g. The airbag protector weighs 250g and an Ultra Cross 75 only 790g. All together, such an equipment package, of which every component is certified according to EN and LTF, weighs less than 3kg. Let's add a small Rucksack and a helmet and the whole equipment weight is still less than 4kg. That equipment is so dense, that being on a hike, you're not even recognised as a paragliding pilot.

The mono-sail has already been developed end of the 80s by Willi Graske, but looked completely different than nowadays single-skins. That mono-sail didn't want to be light - at that time everything was focussed on performance and was made to meet different expectations.

When eight years ago Markus Gründhammer turned from the „Akrominator“ to a „mountain man“ and regularly made high mountain tours with his paraglider, it was about time to create not only lighter equipment, but the lightest possible equipment. With new, ultra-light material and modern technology.
Current point of equipment design: A single-skin like Sir Edmund 17 weighs only 1.4kg, harness String with carabiners weighs 440g and an Ultra Cross 75 only 790g. A short while ago this had been unthinkable.

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