SKYMAN paragliders

Sir Edmund 31 - PRO/LIGHT

A tandem launch has never been this easy

Break up new ground in tandem paragliding - Sir Edmund 31 with its sensational 2,61kg makes it possible. In order to meet the needs of commercial tandem pilots, Sir Edmund is now available as Sir Edmund 31 PRO with bound profiles and sheathed lines.

The LIGHT version is 200g lighter and has lines, which are not sheathed. It has integrated Dyneema risers, while the risers for version PRO can be selected freely. Combined with a Ultra Cross reserve and ultralight harnesses, Sir Edmund with its utmost simple launch behaviour opens up launch sites, you have never even thought of so far.


  1. SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
  2. Extremely stable
  3. Trim speed approx. 40km/h
  4. Smooth accelerator
  5. Remarkable gliding performance
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Sir Edmund Tandem - Technical data

Size 31 LIGHT 31 PRO
Lines not sheathed sheathed
Profiles NCV 27 bound NCV 27
Cells 39 39
Flat surface m² 31,5 31,5
Flat span m 12,85 12,85
Flat aspect ratio 5,24 5,24
Projected surface m² 26,39 26,39
Projected span m 10,60 10,60
Projected aspect ratio 3,83 3,83
Total line length m 474 474
Weight kg 2,61 2,81
Load range kg 130-190 130-190
Certified acc. to EN/LTF B EN/LTF B