Running Edmund

Our smallest and lightest single skin

The name already anticipates that we developed Running Edmund on the basis of Sir Edmund² especially for alpine races and extreme mountaineering. With its qualities this single skin is the first-choice glider for those alpine purposes, where every gram counts and an extremely small packed volume is essential.

Its small surface gives Running Edmund a high trim speed and results also in pre-eminent flight characteristics with huge potential reserves. Its extremely well-tempered launch behaviour is absolutely convincing and makes this single skin the reliable choice for launches at challenging alpine terrain.

The genes of Sir Edmund² show up in all flight characteristics, especially when you flare for landing – everything packed into mini wing format.

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Technical Data

Size 14
Cells 39
flat surface area m² 14
flat span m 8,56
flat aspect ratio 5,24
projected surface area m² 11,72
weight kg 1,25
take-off weight kg max. 100
certification Lasttest


SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric

Particularly fast single skin mini wing

Extremely small packed measure, made for competitions and adventurers