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We take lightweight to the max! Usually lightweight paragliders have far less surface area and are not certified, respectively are certified in a high class. SKYMAN paragliders are certified in classes A to C. There are two tandem wings in our product range. And two small and fast wings, Reinhold II and Furio, are special high-speed wings for very experienced pilots.


Beginners wing Amicus

Highest stability, safety and serenity LTF/EN A

SKYMAN proudly presents its first real glider for beginners: Amicus. Agile handling and very high stability, meeting the demands of class A, characterise this new wing. Real lightness, typically SKYMAN, from the very beginning.

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The Rock 2

The Rock 2 - LTF/EN A

Relaxed flights without any performance loss - LTF/EN A

The Rock 2 is a sportive and versatile glider with perfect launch behaviour and dynamic handling. The Rock 2 is a versatile wing and the ideal companion on mountain tours and voyages, but also for all-purpose use.

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Sir Edmund

Lightest single skin: Sir Edmund

The lightest single-skin prevails in gliding performance, handling and stability - LTF/EN B

With a weight of only 1.45kg Sir Edmund 17 currently is the lightest available monosail - additionally it possesses the complete flight and load test capability. At take-off Sir Edmund's shows a persuasive, easy handling.

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Sir Edmund RACE

Sir Edmund RACE - unbelievable performance

Unique single-skin with an unbelievable performance - LTF/EN B

Developing Sir Edmund RACE, we achieved a single-skin with enormous potential, which fully unfolds especially in thermals and turbulences. Owing to its currently unique aspect ratio of 6.01, this wing is the most efficient single-skin in the world. Especially its upwind gliding performance has been enhanced considerably.

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Sir Edmund 31 Tandem

Sensational tandem single skin: Sir Edmund 31

A tandem launch has never been this easy - LTF/EN B

Break up new ground in tandem paragliding - Sir Edmund 31 with its sensational 2,61kg makes it possible. In order to meet the needs of commercial tandem pilots, Sir Edmund is now available as Sir Edmund 31 PRO with bound profiles and sheathed lines.

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Light paraglider CrossCountry

Serenity meets performance - LTF/EN B

The home of SKYMAN wings are mountain regions, but being real cosmopolitans, they can perform anywhere, even in lowlands or when being winch launched. CrossCountry is a powerful, yet safe intermediate wing. Due to its concept CrossCountry is the ideal all-round glider for Hike & Fly, XC paragliding and leisure pilots seeking highest performance.

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Performance for XC pilots: CrossAlps

High performance and powerful extras for XC paragliding - LTF/EN C

We at SKYMAN have put all our heart and soul into the development of CrossAlps. Markus Gründhammer and Toma Coconea both contributed significantly to its design and realisation. This can be seen in quite some inventive details as well as in its quality and performance.

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Reinhold II

The alpinist amongst paragliders: Reinhold II

The alpinist amongst paragliders

Being neither speed glider nor normal paraglider, Reinhold II is something very special amongst the SKYMAN paragliders.

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The light speedrider Furio

... furious rides on gorgeous slopes.

Speed glider Furio completes the SKYMAN product range of small and fast paragliders. Made of D10 fabric, Furio 9,5 weighs only 1,8kg and has very little packed volume.

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