SKYMAN paragliders

Reversible harness Hike

Hike is a light and comfortable reversible harness and is now available in two different sizes. As rucksack Hike is large enough to carry the whole flight equipment. This harness is without seat board.

With only 1,5kg Hike is the ideal harness for Hike & Fly, travel and speed riding. Optionally available with LTF certified airbag protector or foam protector. There are two different airbag protectors available: Connect Air or Connect Air RS. Connect Air RS has an integrated reserve container.


  1. Combined self-locking leg and chest belts
  2. Pullies for accelerator system
  3. Integrated suspension for rescue systems next to shoulder strap
  4. Ergonomic back part, comfortable shoulder belts
  5. Adjustable hip belt
  6. Mounting straps as fixtures for accessories such as hiking sticks, spurs etc..
  7. Outer mesh pocket for helmet

Hike - Technical data

Size M L
max. load kg 120 120
harness weight kg 1,50 1,55
airbag weight kg 0,29 0,29
suspension height cm 50 50
leg loop width cm 22 22
seat depth cm 39 42
rucksack capacity l 63 63
certification EN1651 EN1651
certification with airbag EN1651
LTF 91/09
LTF 91/09