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SKYMAN paragliders

Typically SKYMAN!

Ultralight equipment, premium material, inventive development and lots of enjoyment - that‘s SKYMAN. We simply love paragliding!

SKYMAN paragliders are „common” gliders with one big difference. They are all built lightweight constructions. Except our two small wings for very experienced pilots, which are not certified due to their speed range, all other lightweight paragliders are certified in classes A to C. At SKYMAN we don‘t save on certifications or surface area, we only save on weight. More on that topic can be read on the page material & manufacture.

Our lightweight product range is completed by light and ultralight harnesses, the rescue parachute Ultra Cross, rucksacks and many more useful accessories.

Why do we build light paragliders and accessories? The SKYMAN Markus Gründhammer, like many other paragliding pilots, enjoys nature and as he already has enough baggage to carry with all his camera stuff, he at some point was fed up with carrying heavy paragliding equipment. Since that day he dedicated himself to the development of light equipment. And the brand SKYMAN was born.

Meanwhile he receives lots of support by test pilots like Johannes Tschofen, by our designer Anupa I. Chardraratne and many other Skymen.