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SKYMAN – is freedom. The freedom to discover new paths.

The lightest available single equipment (glider, harness, protector and reserve) weighs just below 3 kg and its volume is only about hand bag size. The lightest tandem equipment with a weight of 5.4 kg is only slightly heavier. So what are you waiting for? Off we go for new launch sites!

SKYMAN manufactures certified light paragliders, light harnesses and reserves – especially made for cross-country paragliding, adventurers and all other pilots, who prefer light luggage and appreciate an equipment which is sturdy and suitable for daily use.

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Light, strong, robust – the right one for everyone


Lightweight paragliders and single skins from SKYMAN hardly weigh ...



for sportsmen, cross-country pilots, tandem pilots and hike & fly enthusiasts ...


Single Skins

Particularly light yet stable in the air, the SKYMAN single skin gliders are ...


Rescue parachutes

The SKYMAN lightweight design is also available for rescue parachutes ...



A useful addition for all those who like to do without heavy luggage ...

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SKYMAN – Longing for freedom

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like Markus Gründhammer, father of the paragliders

„If I only had less stuff to carry ...“ – that was yesterday.
You can walk to launch sites, which seemed to be out of reach. Travelling just got so much easier and you needn‘t care anymore, if the cable car once again is closed, even though it is brilliant paragliding weather out there.

The paragliders from SKYMAN are primarily intended for hike & fly and are therefore designed to be particularly light. The focus is on low weight and small pack size with the greatest possible safety. Therefore, there are also some single skin gliders in the range.

SKYMAN paragliders are available in different colors and designs. It depends on the model. The color variants are shown on the detail page of each paraglider.

No, absolutely not. Safety has the highest priority in the design of SKYMAN gliders, which are therefore (almost) all certified according to LTF/EN classes A to C. Rather, careful attention is paid to the choice of materials: light, safe and stable!