SKYMAN paragliders

Sir Edmund 2 - LTF/EN B

The lightest single-skin prevails in gliding performance, handling and stability.

Sir Edmund 2 can do without a supporting strut in its centre. Compared to its predecessor it is lighter and with its completely optimised canopy the gliding performance as well as its flight behaviour got improved significantly. Direct handling, a high basic speed and a smooth accelerator make this single-skin an experience.

Part of the improvements are new, specifically developed risers. Sir Edmund 2 currently is the lightest available monosail. Like its predecessor it shows a persuasive, easy handling during launch.

Combined with String and Ultra Cross, Sir Edmund 2 is an extraordinary light and dense paragliding equipment, which would even fit in a lady's hand bag.


  1. SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
  2. Extremely stable
  3. Trim speed approx. 40km/h
  4. Smooth accelerator
  5. Remarkable gliding performance
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Sir Edmund 2 - Technical data

Size 17 20 23
Cells 39 39 39
flat surface area m² 17 20 23
flat span m 9,44 10,06 10,98
flat aspect ratio 5,24 5,24 5,24
projected surface area m² 14,23 16,17 19,25
projected span m 7,38 7,87 8,59
projected aspect ratio 3,83 3,83 3,83
weight kg 1,33 1,45 1,64
take-off weight kg 65-85 70-100 90-120
Certified according to EN/LTF B EN/LTF B EN/LTF B