SKYMAN paragliders

X-Alps - ultralight, aerodynamic pod harness

The new X-Alps cocoon harness with a sensational weight of only 2.3kg is not only extremely light, but comfortable, too. It is tailored for thermal flying, cross-country and competition purposes, as its aerodynamically optimised back part makes X-Alps even more sleek and sportive than its predecessor.

This back part ideally combines stowage, airbag and foam protector. X-Alps is serially equipped with a carbon seat board and foot plate. Container closure and seating adjustments have been optimised. This series has a variable opening for the speed bag, which allows to easily get in and out of the leg cover.


  1. Excellent comfort - with or without seat board
  2. Carbon seat board & foot plate
  3. Aerodynamically optimised back part, light, windproof speed bag
  4. Length and angle of leg cover adjustable
  5. Friction-reduced, double-stage accelerator slide
  6. Get-Up belt lock system
  7. Foam protector & airbag

X-Alps - Technical data

Size M L
Body height cm 160 - 180 170 - 195
max. load kg 120 120
Harness weight kg 2,3 2,4
Suspension height cm 47 49
Seatboard size (b x l) cm 28 x 28 30 x 30
Certified acc. to EN1651
LTF 91/09
LTF 91/09