SKYMAN paragliders

Ultralight harness "String" & reversible "String RS"

String is an ultralight harness for pilots from 160 to 180cm. Its low weight of only 350g (without carabiners) makes it the lightest available harness certified according to EN/LTF for up to 100kg.

The optional LTF certified airbag protector and the front container is the lightest available harness and rescue combination.

As pilots we don't need to walk up the hill with a handbag, just because the equipment became so light and dense! String now is available with a rucksack, too. String RS is good looking and everything fits in there: Sir Edmund, reserve, instruments and helmet. There are straps attached to the Rucksack, holding the hiking poles during flight.


  1. Premium material
  2. Fixed leg and chest belts
  3. Mounting for accelerator system

String - Technical data

Size: Uni sized String String RS
max. load kg 100 100
harness weight kg 0,35 0,69
protector weight kg 0,29 0,29
suspension height cm 50 50
leg loop width cm 22 22
seat depth cm 32 32
certification EN1651 EN1651
certification with Airbag EN1651 LTF 91/09 EN1651 LTF 91/09