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SKYMAN paragliders

Accessories and SKYMAN merchandise products!

A complete paragliding equipment is not only made of light gliders and harnesses. Thus SKYMAN develops useful accessories, which are very light. Such as very light rucksacks, providing a good capacity and suitable to store your equipment as densely as possible.

Skyman Rucksack

Our light SKYMAN Rucksack has been improved. In comparison with the previous model it provides more capacity and has a compact shape. It is available in 2 sizes:

  • L 105l
  • XL 139l

Tube Bag

The "Tube Bag" is made to pack paragliders quickly and easily. Simply draw the bag over your paraglider, close the ziper and fold the tube in order to let the air ooze out.

Front container

The small, compact front container is available in different sizes and ideally suits Ultra Cross.


Light summer gloves, made of windproof material.

Landing point

Red landing point with SKYMAN logo.


The rucksack Daybag is light and compact. It is made with honeycomb fabric, thus absolutely good looking. It is suitable for packing single skin paragliders like Sir Edmund.

On its outside, it has a pocket on each side for maps or a drinking bottle. Inside there's a pocket for a laptop.

Protect Bag

The packing bag "Protect Bag" is made to pack paragliders gently cell to cell. That way your paraglider, e.g. a CrossAlps, is stored gently, yet compact.


Who hasn't seen our yellow one-man tent? Light and bright.

Sun glasses

Our new, fancy SKYMAN sun glasses in 3 different colours:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green


The original SKYMAN beanie.

SKYMAN key rings

The SKYMAN key rings are available in various models: with mini windsock, simple lanyard, key pockte for car keys ...


The original SKYMAN caps - genuine only with hologram.


Comfortable beanbag - 85 x 100cm.