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Sir Edmund RACE

Sir Edmund RACE, unique single-skin with an unbelievable performance!

Developing Sir Edmund RACE, we achieved a single-skin with enormous potential, which fully unfolds especially in thermals and turbulences.

Owing to its currently unique aspect ratio of 6.01, this wing is the most efficient single-skin in the world. Especially its upwind gliding performance has been enhanced considerably. Together with its unrivalled climb rate a quality which makes Sir Edmund RACE stand out from the crowd!

The launch behaviour of this glider, quite typical for single-skin wings, is pretty easy, while its handling comes rather close to a common paraglider.

These characteristics of Sir Edmund RACE became possible due to an elaborate design of completely new diagonal braces. Compared to the common Sir Edmund they clearly increase the stability of the canopy. At the same time they reduce, despite elevated aspect ratio, the total line length by 20%, thus reduce the air drag, too.

This fabulous design of Sie Edmund RACE achieves a weight of only 1.89kg - a wholly new dimension! Sir Edmund RACE is a wing classified LTF/EN B.

A masterly achievement of its designers, who can really be proud of this result.

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