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Sir Edmund - LTF / EN B certification passed!

Just like once Sir Edmund Hillary with his first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, we entered new ground by developing our new single-skin paraglider. But just like the team of mountaineers at that time, we succeeded by focussing on our teamwork and resolute action. We finally made it to the peak and brought out this very special paraglider.

We have always been absolutely convinced of our project "single-skin" and today, after intensive tests even at extreme conditions, we are proud to bring the first size of "Sir Edmund" to market. We feel about the certification according to LTF and EN B for the paraglider in size 20, just like Edmund Hillary must have felt, when he was given the title "Sir" for his extraordinary achievement.

With an unbelievable weight of only 1.58kg, Sir Edmund is the lightest availble single-skin at present - note well, with certification! That wing is made for a weight range of 70 to 100kg.

At take-off Sir Edmund shows a persuasive, easy handling. A short and slight impulse is enough to make Sir Edmund stand stable above the pilot's head - without any tendency to break out or dash forward. The handling is pretty much straight forward, so that you can easily circle in thermals. An important point in designing this glider was a high ground speed of about 40km/h, which has already proven it's worth at an on-flight test of Markus Gründhammer and which is a huge gain in safety. Furthermore Sir Edmund comes up with a smooth accelerator, which additionally increases the possible velocity gain. All in all a great experience!

Together with an ultralight SKYMAN harness and reserve, Sir Edmund turns out a fabulous light and dense Hike & Fly Equipment, that would even fit in a lady's handbag.

And soon "Sir Edmund" will be available in several sizes.


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