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Safety note on harnesses

Finsterwalder PL hook buckles item no. HSi51, HSi510

During routine final checks of our harnesses, we discovered Finsterwalder PL-Hook Buckles (item no. HSi51, HSi510) with insufficient swaging of the rear release cover plate. In extreme cases this may result in loosening of the red safety push button and even an opening of the buckle, if not under tension.

But, even if a buckle is defect, it is impossible to fall out of an affected harness - all harnesses mentioned above have an additional safety buckle to prevent pilots from falling out.

Affected harnesses:

  • Coconea certification number: EAPR-GZ-0209/14
  • Passenger Air certification number: EAPR-GZ-0046/13
  • Passenger Pro certification number: EAPR -GZ-0047/13
  • Pilot certification number: EAPR-GZ-0050/13
  • Slope certification number: EAPR-GZ-0447/15
  • Junior certification number: EAPR-GZ-0513/16
  • Hike certification number: EAPR-GZ-0008/13


The following PDF clearly demonstrates, how to check whether a buckle is affected or not.

Safety note download

Safety note as PDF (463.9 KiB)

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