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Ultra Cross 75

Only 790g, the packing volume of a furled T-shirt and the outstanding deployment speed, pendulum-stability and sink rates of the Ultra Cross series. The new Ultra Cross 75 together with a front container, which is made especially to suit that small reserve, makes our most popular reserve series complete.

We have designed this rescue parachute not only for lightweight pilots, but also for pilots, who depend on extremely light equipment at bivouac flights. Just like the participants of the Redbull X-Alps, for whom reduced weight and packing volume are most important. During that tough competition from Salzburg to Monaco every single gram, they don't need to carry, counts.

That is one of the reasons why during X-Alps 2013 and 2015 most of the participants had an Ultra Cross 100 with them. And now we once more make a weight and volume reduction possible.

And also as second reserve in free style harnesses or at PWC contests, the Ultra Cross 75 is an ideal solution.

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