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CrossCountry 2 newly designed

The redesign of CrossCountry 2, compared with its predecessor, achieved a gain on speed, weight, performance and safety.

This significant difference is the result of improvements made for its canopy, its line geometry and especially of new materials. Its Shark-Nose leading edge is made of durable NCV Skytex 32 with profiles made of NCV Skytex 32 Hard Finish. These stretch resistant materials contribute significantly to the performance gain and the enormous stability of its canopy and flight characteristics.

The other parts of the canopy are made of extremely light, double-coated Domenico D10. Its double coating is mainly responsible for sturdy and durable tissue. Typically SKYMAN

61 cells interacting with elaborate design achieve excellent performance values, especially during accelerated flight, and an enormous stability. That stability proves its worth in turbulences - and in combination with the new line geometry it is one of the reasons for the exceptional gliding performance of CrossCountry 2. Due to the newly designed geometry the air drag of its lines has been reduced by more than 10%.

This new glider for long distance flights demonstrates an enormous safety in all test manoeuvres. In thermals and dynamic upwinds its handling is almost playful - a character, which will fill many pilots with joy.

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