SKYMAN paragliders

Reinhold II

The alpinist amongst paragliders

Being neither speed glider nor normal paraglider, Reinhold II is something very special amongst the SKYMAN paragliders.

Its canopy with 15,7m2 surface area is a bit larger than a speed glider canopy and has been construed on the basis of parachute canopies. SKYMAN thus developed a fast glider with outstanding handling - an ideal companion for alpine adventures.

Almost needless to say: Reinhold II is one of Skyman Markus Gründhammer’s favourite paragliders. Starting from alpine peaks and at wind speed of up to 60km/h he always relies on Reinhold II.


  1. Only 2,1kg
  2. Trim speed 58km/h
  3. Max. speed 80km/h
Yellow Green

Reinhold II - Technical data

Size M-16
Cells 29
flat surface area m² 16
flat span m 8,29
flat aspect ratio 4,3
projected surface area m² 13,81
projected span m 6,7
projected aspect ratio 3,25
line length cm 473
total line length m 180
weight kg 2,1
take-off weight kg 60-80
certification -