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Below we list all paraglider models which are not part of the current product range anymore.

The Rock

The Rock - LTF/EN A

A great experience - LTF/EN A

The Rock is the ideal companion for travellers, hikers, mountaineers and all-round pilots. It is tailored to the needs of everybody, who enjoys relaxed flights, nevertheless expects performance.

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Light paraglider Heartbeat

Extremely light and sportive, yet offering high-performance - LTF/EN B

Heartbeat ranks in the upper level of class B. Its performance and dynamic handling are truly persuasive. In its conception some useful details and new ideas have been realised.

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Light and strudy tandem paraglider PassengAir

Light and sturdy - tandem glider LTF/EN B

For commercial as well as cross-country tandem pilots, who don’t want to miss the typical SKYMAN feeling, It combines smooth launching and stable flight characteristics. PassengAir provides an outstanding handling and a gliding performance equivalent to solo paragliders.

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Skyman Tandem

Not only for alpinists - the lightest common tandem paraglider

Ultralight tandem glider - not only for alpinists LTF/EN B

Of course SKYMAN is aware of the special needs of mountaineering companions, who want to fly together after a long hiking tour and construed an extremely light tandem glider for them. With only 5,4kg Skyman Tandem is one of the lightest available common tandem paragliders with certification according to LTF/EN B.

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