SKYMAN paragliders

Blizzard - LTF/EN C

Fast as the wind - Miniwing for alpine adventures and competitions

Blizzard is the successor of our brilliant Reinhold II, the paraglider which marked the beginning of the SKYMAN idea of ultra-light equipment for Hike & Fly and high alpine bivouacs. Extremely small and just as fast and light as its predecessor, it additionally shows an outstanding launch behaviour as well as a particularly good gliding performance.

The development basis for Blizzard, which is the paraglider The Rock², warrants sufficient performance and safety margins even at difficult conditions. Blizzard 16 has been certified according to EN/LTF C.

Thus it is the perfect companion for alpine tours and competions like the 'Dolomite Man Race'.


  1. SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
  2. Particularly fast miniwing
  3. Low air drag due to smart lines concept with 3 levels
  4. Extremely small packed measure, made for mountaineers and adventurers
  5. Launch aid for perfect take-offs at icy conditions and tailwind

Blizzard - Technical data

Size 16
Cells 40
Flat surface m² 16
Flat span m 8,66
Aspect ratio 4,69
Projected surface m² 13,55
Projected span m 6,87
Projected aspect ratio 3,45
Weight kg 2,40
Weight range kg 60-90
Certified according to EN/LTF C