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Skyman Tandem - LTF/EN B

Ultralight tandem glider - not only for extreme mountaineering

Of course SKYMAN is aware of the special needs of mountaineering companions, who want to fly together after a long hiking tour and construed an extremely light tandem glider for them. With only 5,4kg Skyman Tandem is the lightest available tandem paraglider with certification according to LTF/EN.

Due to its extremely low weight, the canopy can smoothly be launched even at sites off the beaten track. A highly appreciated feature at tailwind as well as at very windy conditions. Despite its low weight Skyman Tandem has an aerodynamic profile an typical SKYMAN attributes, such as high performance, agile handling and sturdiness.

Skyman Tandem is the ideal third companion for Hike & Fly tours and a weight range from 125kg to 210kg.


  1. Sturdy SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
  2. Low air drag due to smart lines concept
  3. Launch aid for perfect take-offs at icy conditions and tailwind
  4. Effective trimmer
  5. Hike & Fly for two
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Skyman Tandem - Technical data

Size M-37
Cells 46
flat surface area m² 37
flat span m 13,73
flat aspect ratio 5,1
projected surface area m² 31
projected span m 10,42
projected aspect ratio 3,5
line length cm 795
total line length m 343
weight kg 5,4
take-off weight kg 125-210
certification EN/LTF B


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